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Choosing A Doctor


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Choosing a Hair Restoration Physician

In the United States, any medical doctor can practice any type of medicine, regardless of the specific type of medical training they have had.

Hair restoration surgery results are permanent. And while the vast majority of hair restoration surgeons are capable and accomplished, there are always a few less capable people out there (as with any occupation).

Here are some guidelines for selecting a physician:

  • Referrals: you should consider asking:
    • your dermatologist or primary physicians
    • your state medical board. If you are in San Francisco, you could call the SF Medical Society at 415.561.0850 or go to the Physician Finder at
  • Self-education: read about modern techniques, alternative treatments, and combinations of surgery and medication
  • Certifications: there are professional organizations that reputable physicians are likely to be members, including
  • Complaint bureau checks: the physician’s status is checked with all local, state, and national complaint bureaus and trade associations that are applicable to the physician. Check the local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints registered against the doctor or clinic.Check the state medical board to see if complaints have been registered there as well. If there have been complaints, have they been resolved to the patient’s satisfaction.
  • Qualifications: here are some questions to ask:
    • How long have they been performing hair restoration surgery.
    • How many procedures have they performed.
  • Cost: micrograft surgery is expensive, but the results will last a lifetime.
  • Clinics: The concern to have with franchised clinics is that some of the physicians may be less experienced, even inexperienced. If you are considering a clinic, be sure to ask about the credentials of the doctor who will perform the surgery; do not equate the size of the clinic with the experience of the physician who will do your surgery.


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