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First Consultation


Conservative Treatment Approach

Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen personally work with his patients every step of the way, from meeting with them for their initial consultation, to performing all treatment procedures, and at each check-up visit after treatment. He will design a realistic treatment plan to meet the patients current and future hair loss needs.

During the initial consultation, an understanding of each patient’s degree of hair loss will be assessed along with each patients expectations and you will be presented with a range of treatment options, depending upon your hair loss condition.

There is no fee for an initial consultation with Dr. Panagotacos or Dr. Chen for surgical or medical (pharmaceutical) hair restoration treatment.

Follow-through is extremely important to the success of any surgical procedure. Candidates and patients must be motivated to follow through with the entire program that has been recommended and to carefully follow the surgeon’s instructions for care after each surgery.


People who have had grafts performed in the past may desire additional grafts to add density to thin areas. All patients need to be in adequate health for surgery and is required. Conditions such as pregnancy or severe cardiovascular problems are cause for restricting surgery.

“First do no harm”

This credo is both the primary oath taken by all physicians, and a summary of Dr. Panagotacos' and Dr. Chen's treatment philosophy. Some surgeons will perform procedures with more transplant grafts or more elaborate scalp reductions, in order to achieve faster results, but with increased risk to the patient. Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen prefer to reduce the risk to the patient, even if it means an additional session or two. His conservative treatment approach reduces the risk of permanent loss of donor hair follicles and possible scarring that may appear decades after some treatment procedures.


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