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A laser cap is a hair loss treatment that you can take with you on the go. Board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Peter Panagotacos, MD, developed the treatment and now offers it to hair loss patients at Hair Doc in Cow Hollow, San Francisco, California. If you’re interested in learning more about the laser cap and comparing it with other hair loss treatment options, request an appointment over the phone or book online today.

Laser Cap Q & A

What is low-level laser therapy?

Low-level laser therapy is a treatment that helps stimulate follicles to grow hair, among several other medical purposes. The light wavelength from the laser goes through the scalp without harming it and into the follicles. It pushes them into their growth phases, even if dormant for a while. 

Low-level laser therapy helps follicles enter their growth phase by stimulating stem cells in the area for cell regeneration. It also increases blood flow to the scalp, which your follicles need for healthy functioning. With plenty of blood flow, your follicles are able to grow thick and full hair to make up for balding or thinning patches. 

At Hair Doc, Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen developed a simple and discreet method of low-level laser therapy called the laser cap. 

What is a laser cap?

With traditional low-level laser therapy for hair loss, you would need to go to the office and sit under a hood for a half hour or so as the laser light shone on your scalp. Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen have taken time in the office and time traveling out of the equation by developing the laser cap. 

You wear the laser cap on your head, and it emits the same low-level laser light for hair growth. The device fits discreetly under a hat, so you can go through treatment while completing your daily tasks. Once you get your laser cap, you don’t have to come in for regular appointments at Hair Doc. Instead, you can wear the cap as you read, work, or run errands. 

By design, the cap holds the laser light about an inch off the scalp. For the best possible hair growth results, Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen encourage you to wear the cap for 15-30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. 

What are the advantages of treatment with the laser cap?

When you come to Hair Doc for a hair loss treatment consultation, you have medical and surgical options to consider. Dr. Panagotacos and Dr. Chen help you compare your options and choose one that works best for you, considering the cause of your hair loss, your general health, and how well a treatment fits your lifestyle. 

Laser caps are advantageous because they are:

  • Portable
  • Used on your time
  • Discreet
  • Non-surgical
  • Non-pharmaceutical

Laser caps also require fewer office visits than many other available hair loss treatments, though you have to visit Hair Doc for follow-up visits as you use your cap regularly. 

The laser cap is a convenient choice for busy individuals experiencing hair loss. To schedule a consultation at Hair Doc, call the office or book online today.


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