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Hair Loss Treatments

There are numerous treatments prescribed for hair loss, and sometimes they are undertaken on the own initiative of patients. Dr. Panagotacos follows a conservative treatment approach. During the initial consultation Dr. Panagotacos gains an understanding of each patient’s expectations, while at the same time he explains the limits of what can be done. Some other hair restoration treatment providers are more willing to perform individual procedures that promise faster and greater results, but with a substantial increase in risk of immediate hair loss, or abnormal appearance 10 to 20 years into the future. Each patient has only a very limited supply of “permanent” hair follicles, and if some of these are lost following a risky surgical procedure, they are gone forever. Furthermore, it is very difficult to predict the extent of future hair loss a patient may experience. The best doctors plan their treatment programs with consideration for the worst-case hair loss scenarios. Follicular unit micrografting is now the current state-of-the-art surgical hair restoration technique, and is the main method Dr. Panagotacos uses.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments for hair loss only affect the user’s appearance, and not the structure or function of the living cells that make up the body. Cosmetic hair loss treatments are temporary solutions that need to be performed again and again on a regular basis. And cosmetic treatments are reversible, although some treatments such as cutting the hair or shaving the head will take some time to return to the original condition. Learn more about cosmetic treatments by reading Chapter 7 of Dr. Panagotacos’ book, Hair Loss Answers

Bogus Treatments

Intelligent men and women will sometimes buy bogus hair growth treatments. These are treatments that do not work. Despite the claims made in print and television advertisements, on product labels, or by salespeople, most hair growth products do not grow hair. It is amazing to me that people who know better than to believe advertisements for products promising “easy weight loss without dieting,” or “face-lifts without surgery,” will often give ineffective hair loss treatments a try. Learn more about cosmetic treatments by reading Chapter 6 of Dr. Panagotacos’ book, Hair Loss Answers

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